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Next-Door Incubus: Becoming Lust 1

What would you do if the man in your dreams was real?

Dani never expects to meet her hot new neighbor, Eros, for the first time wearing only her underwear. And she definitely never expects to dream of him as a demon with large, curved horns and an insatiable hunger for her.

For the sake of her boyfriend and for her own sanity, Dani’s determined to avoid Eros at all costs.

But there’s one problem: she can’t seem to stay away from him. He’s haunting her nights with his devilish black eyes and he’s hiding a dangerous secret that may cost Dani her life.

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Demonic Desires:

Becoming Lust 2

Becoming a queen in Hell isn’t easy—even when you’re sleeping with the Devil.

Armed with her tempting incubus boyfriend, Eros, and a dangerous, demonic power of her own, Dani is prepared to lead one of the most powerful kingdoms in Hell.


She’s strong, smart, and so damn good at doing the one thing her virtuous mother told her never to do: sin.


But, even in Hell, sinning comes at a cost… and that cost may be Dani’s sanity. She faces the three biggest threats of her life in the Underworld:A kingdom in chaos. A bitter best friend. And a demon out for a wrathful revenge.


Will Dani and Eros be able to survive the madness that comes with leading the Kingdom of Lust? Or will they crumble to pieces from the pressure of it all?

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